Retford Lions Club
How do we allocate the funds?
Members of our Welfare Committee meet regularly to discuss individual and group projects; some come to them as requests for donations while others result from their awareness of a specific need within the community. All projects are carefully researched and placed before all the club members for approval to ensure that the money we have raised is spent wisely and effectively.
How are we administered?
Retford Lions Club is a registered charity in its own right and is also part of the Lions Clubs International worldwide organisation. Our club activities are administered by elected officials, i.e. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Chairmen, etc. whilst other members have responsibility for specific areas of our work.
We sometimes work closely with other Lions Clubs in our area on large projects such as raising funds for the local hospital. We raised £11,000 ( including a grant from LCIF) to buy a heart monitor for the new coronary care unit at Bassetlaw Hospital.

2. Put the form in the bottle.
4. Stick first label on fridge door.
1. Fill in the form.
5. Stick second label on front door.
3. Put bottle in fridge.
Message in a Bottle is an information scheme to provide the emergency services with information about casualties in the event of an accident or illness in the home. Retford Lions club has distributed 5000 kits free of charge to people in the Retford area. The MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE kit includes: A distinctively marked small airtight plastic bottle, a form for key information, a logo sticker for the inside of the door to alert the authorities, another logo sticker to mark the location of the MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.